February 5, 2019

I didn’t expect to be inspired to write a blog about the James Taylor concert we went to in Hyde Park in the summer, but his beautiful song one of my favorites from many years ago, reminded me of colour combinations I have always loved.

There is an old fashioned saying that tries to persuade us that ‘ blues and greens should never be seen’. I am never following that advice - after all nature hasn’t. The song ringing in my head as an ear worm recalls bluebells in woods, a tree against a summer sky, seaweed in the water – every scene  beautiful, refreshing and inspiring.

I was once snorkeling in the Caribbean and was surrounded by thousands of bright blue Angel fish shoaling in a solid wall of colour, winding a brilliant tube of colour around m...

At a time of new beginnings and renewal – I wanted to share with you a recurrence of patterns in my repertoire!


My secret garden (at the back of my garden) was designed by me, and laid out in brick edging and box edging about 20 years ago. I still love it! The planting has changed over the years, and as things have grown it has changed scale. When I showed it to a friend she said, “that’s not a garden – it a piece of jewellery!”


Another reincarnation of these favourite shapes of mine was in my engagement ring – I designed it using a central cushion-shaped old cut diamond, bordered by tiny diamonds. There are hollow navette and cushion shaped motifs either side which are also set with tiny diamonds. An unconscious recurrence of the theme f...

March 29, 2018

Since earliest humans have tied pieces of shell, bone, teeth, feathers and pebble around their necks, arms and ankles, because we have had a compulsion to collect treasures and to adorn ourselves!

Like the inspiring Bowerbird, some people decorate their lives, homes and bodies with the jewels they collect and hope to impress others with!

Jewellery is hugely personal. Your taste, budget, history and the taste of your family and loved ones tells a unique story for each of us. Of course, sometimes we inherit pieces, some are loved immediately, some need ‘refreshing’ and personalising. This is something we love to do here – we each have a few pieces that have been modernised!

Some are particularly interested in the sentiment of illustrating our lo...

February 15, 2018

Pantone have announced that Ultra Violet has been crowned the 2018 colour and I for one am delighted, because purple is one of my favourite colours!

I possess many clothes and accessories in varying shades; even the walls of my kitchen and orangery are purple. Who knew I was so on trend?!

Amethyst is the best known purple gemstone, but there are plenty of others that present purple variations. Such gemstones include Charoite, Iolite, Garnet, Tanzanite, Rubellite, Sapphire, Spinel, Tourmaline and even Black Opals often display blue and purple tones. In recent years, Rio Tinto discovered some impossibly rare violet Diamonds in Western Australia, formed over one and a half billion years ago and worth millions of pounds today.

My own jewellery box...

January 16, 2018

Why is it said that most women would not have chosen their engagement ring? Well, usually because they weren’t involved in the decisions on budget or design.

At Bowerbird, even if the bride is to be kept in the dark about an engagement ring project, we are experts in designing the right ring for her essence and lifestyle.

Something old…

Traditionally, engagement rings have been made of gold or platinum and set with diamonds, sapphires and rubies (all Corundum). This was for good reason. If you hope to wear your ring constantly for decades, it’s wise to choose a ring up to the job!

Diamonds are the hardest wearing natural gemstone and rubies and sapphires come in second on the hardness scale.  Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds are the three best kn...

October 2, 2017

Part one – Tips when caring for your jewellery.

When you are investing in some beautiful jewellery most people expect it to last forever, handed down through the generations.

This is possible; jewellery ‘heirlooms’ have been enjoyed by successive generations of families for hundreds of years. However, the jewellery needs to be chosen carefully and then looked after.

Over the years I have heard some seriously strange views about how jewellery should last.

One example was when I quoted to remount an eternity ring that the lady had worn day in day out for doing everything. This included cooking, washing up and gardening, for over 20 years. The diamonds were fine - they are the best and hardest stones to have in an ‘everyday ring’ after all - but h...

September 4, 2017

Paisley… the English name for the fabric design inspired by the buta or boteh, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin. This is probably where the alternative name of Persian Pickle is from. Said by scholars of ancient design to variously resemble a twisted teardrop, the fig, a stylised floral spray, a bent cedar tree or a mango, it was also represented in Celtic Art before Roman influences took over.

The shape is seen in many forms within nature, but the prevailing thought is it’s primarily inspired by the palm tree and mango. In various languages, the names remind us of the root of the inspiration of these decorative shapes, cachemire and palme in French.

My fascination with Paisley is perhaps in part a nod to my Scottish roots,...

August 9, 2017

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, Fluttering from the autumn tree”

-Emily Bronte

Endlessly variable, beautiful and sometimes strange. From pine needles to palms, Annie has always loved the immense variety of scale, shape, structure, colour and texture of leaves.

Botanical Illustration

Here are a few of her botanical illustrations showing the interest in detail and colour.

Botanical illustration is in many ways like the ‘painting-up’ or, to use a more modern term, ‘rendering’ of jewellery designs. You must know the way things will look in order to show the customer - or the goldsmith making it - exactly what you have envisaged.

Understanding how an item will be made, and how thick or thin the metal components will be, is vital. Annie worked ‘at the...

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