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From Dream to Reality… Creating the perfect engagement ring

Why is it said that most women would not have chosen their engagement ring? Well, usually because they weren’t involved in the decisions on budget or design.

At Bowerbird, even if the bride is to be kept in the dark about an engagement ring project, we are experts in designing the right ring for her essence and lifestyle.

Something old…

Traditionally, engagement rings have been made of gold or platinum and set with diamonds, sapphires and rubies (all Corundum). This was for good reason. If you hope to wear your ring constantly for decades, it’s wise to choose a ring up to the job!

Diamonds are the hardest wearing natural gemstone and rubies and sapphires come in second on the hardness scale. Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds are the three best known of the coloured gemstones.

Over the years we have seen many different gemstone engagement rings, but often they came to us for repair or replacement because they were worn or damaged by everyday activities. (See more about how to protect and safeguard your gemstones in our ‘looking after your jewellery’ blog.)

Something new…

We have designed and made many engagement rings - traditional, contemporary and some idiosyncratic or just plain edgy! Some people like unusual colour combinations, say blue and green or just coloured stones with no diamond ‘garnish’. Others prefer only diamond as their ‘best friend’ and choose diamond cluster or solitaire rings.

These days some couples are looking for something a bit more unusual both in style and composition.

Something blue!

“Blue and Green should never be seen” – Annie remembers her grandmother saying when she wore blue trousers and a green jumper! But these old-fashioned rules are there to be broken and what better way to reflect nature than mimic the colour scheme of a summer sky and rustling trees, or a Bluebell wood?

Recently we have made two engagement rings featuring blue and green stones, green Tsavorite Garnets with blue sapphires. One had no diamonds! Another example is a beautiful, pale cornflower blue sapphire and diamond ring, the result is well loved (see pic).

Annie and Amanda at Bowerbird specialise in finding a unique solution to special commissions, including unusual or rare gemstones, and don’t forget Sapphires come in a wide range of colours. See the Sapphire blog coming up in September!

Whatever your taste we can help your dream ring come true. Even if you don’t really know what you want we can design something unique and tailored to you, be it old style or new – everything beautifully hand-made to last a lifetime...

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