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Renewed and repeated themes – like the changing seasons, we never tire of them!

At a time of new beginnings and renewal – I wanted to share with you a recurrence of patterns in my repertoire!

My secret garden (at the back of my garden) was designed by me, and laid out in brick edging and box edging about 20 years ago. I still love it! The planting has changed over the years, and as things have grown it has changed scale. When I showed it to a friend she said, “that’s not a garden – it a piece of jewellery!”

Another reincarnation of these favourite shapes of mine was in my engagement ring – I designed it using a central cushion-shaped old cut diamond, bordered by tiny diamonds. There are hollow navette and cushion shaped motifs either side which are also set with tiny diamonds. An unconscious recurrence of the theme from my garden!

Many artists and designers have favourite motifs, and these recur throughout their work over time. Think of Zandra Rhodes brightly coloured hand painted squiggles and Angie Lewin’s linocut flowers and seed-heads, shells and feathers. They have all stayed with these fascinating motifs and featured them over and over – to great effect!

This is what we aim to do – using beautiful gemstones, favourite themes from art, nature, and craft.

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