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Jewellery – your personal story

Since earliest humans have tied pieces of shell, bone, teeth, feathers and pebble around their necks, arms and ankles, because we have had a compulsion to collect treasures and to adorn ourselves!

Like the inspiring Bowerbird, some people decorate their lives, homes and bodies with the jewels they collect and hope to impress others with!

Jewellery is hugely personal. Your taste, budget, history and the taste of your family and loved ones tells a unique story for each of us. Of course, sometimes we inherit pieces, some are loved immediately, some need ‘refreshing’ and personalising. This is something we love to do here – we each have a few pieces that have been modernised!

Some are particularly interested in the sentiment of illustrating our loves and lives. Like Prince Harry and Meghan Merghal some couples want their engagement rings to have connections with their own personal story. Something we love to do is working with customers to design a ring with their stories intertwined. These shared histories and tokens of lasting love make engagement ring commissions one of our favourites!

Diamonds have only in the last 80 or so years become the ‘traditional’ stones for engagement rings – Wallis Simpson and Jackie Onassis had emerald engagement rings, Princess Diana had the famous sapphire and diamond cluster now worn by The Duchesse of Cambridge. Most celebrities nowadays seem to go for large diamonds, sometimes coloured ones!

However, there are many coloured stones suitable for engagement rings, and diamonds (or other coloured gems) can be added into the mix.

In order to personalise your collections, the Bowerbird ranges include pieces to personalise and collect alternatives jewels for. The Cathedral, Euphorbia and Criss-cross earrings, with many possible drops or studs to ring the changes, and the Paisley jacket rings to be worn on their own or with additional centre rings.

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